3 Different Types of Shared Amenity Ranches – Which One Would Work for You?

Shared Ranches for Sale

Multiple owner or shared ranch ownership is a common concept implemented throughout the west and present in a lot of ranches for sale. Fishing and hunting clubs are common examples of multi-party property ownership mechanisms that have been in place for generations. There are as many forms of shared ranch ownership as there are different ranch types.

Shared ranches apply to working agricultural ranches, recreational sporting properties, fly fishing ranches for sale, dude ranches, mountain ranches for sale, or wildland reserves. 

Some properties are divided into as many parcels as there are owners, with a common management agreement (HOA agreement) specifying shared services.  Others may offer restricted scenic in holdings (potential 2nd home sites) with little to no involvement in the surrounding ranch operations. Still others offer a full complement of ranch services including club houses and lodging where residence owners share in every aspect of the management of the property.

Shared ranch ownership is a great way to consider a ranch investment and can make the prospect of owning a ranch a lot less daunting.  There is a shared ranch ownership concept to meet the different needs of almost any type of buyer.

Although there are numerous types of shared ranch concepts out there, some of the most common are:

  • Sporting Clubs
  • Communities of Ranches
  • Shared Agricultural Operations

Let’s walk through the benefits of each.

Premier Sporting Club 

This type of shared amenity ranch comes together for the purpose of collective sporting rights and conservation of resources. While some deeded land may be conveyed, a sporting club will act more like an exclusive club and could offer accommodations, management and outfitting/guide staff, meals prepared by a chef, social gatherings, etc. One such example of a premier sporting club is Elk Creek Ranch. 

Example: Elk Creek Ranch

Buyers at Elk Creek Ranch are buying into:

  • Common equity ownership in the 2,850 acre ranch, 20,000 + acres of exclusive hunting ground, and 25 + miles of private fly-fishing water
  • Individual deeded ownership of private homesite within the ranch
  •  Access to luxurious owner & guest cabins, central lodge with private dining and bar, high-end amenities, and concierge member services 
  • Guided fly-fishing, big game hunting, and other activities
Elk Creek Ranch | Shared Ranch

Find more information on the available properties at Elk Creek Ranch!

Exclusive Community of Ranches

Potential buyers of this type of community are looking for the privacy that comes with owning their own ranch, without losing access to luxury amenities. These resort-like services include lodging for owners who may not have homes on their own parcels, overnight fishing cabins, fishing leases, five star dining experiences etc. One such example of this is the Colorado ranch for sale, Grand River Ranch near Kremmling, CO.

Example: Grand River Ranch

Members at Grand River Ranch receive these benefits:

  • Private ownership of larger acreage ranging from 300+ acres allowing for increased privacy
  • Access to resort-class amenities at the lodge, main barn, 2 daytime use and overnight fishing cabins, and shooting range
  • Existing infrastructure to your property including electricity, water, and roads
  • Exclusive and limited ownership with only 19 privately owned parcels within the greater Grand River Ranch
  • Access to thousands of acres of adjoining public lands.

Check out this available parcel at Grand River Ranch!

Shared Agricultural Ranch and Operation 

At Mirr Ranch Group, we have come across buyers who want to live a rural lifestyle but don’t necessarily have the bandwidth to handle an entire agricultural operation. With this type of shared ranch, buyers will privately own a deeded parcel/home, and share in the responsibility and ownership in the surrounding operation. One example of this can be found at Ute Ranch.

Example: Newly Formed Ute Ranch

Here are the details of the new agreement at Ute Ranch:

  • Up front input into initial formation of common area ranch rules.
  • Private ownership of 2-3 acre parcel for your own residence within larger 330 acre ranch.
  • Shared rights/access to, main headquarters, barn, hayfields and river frontage.
  • Existing infrastructure including electricity, water, and roads.
  • Exclusive and limited ownership with no more than four (4) privately owned ranches

Take a further look at Ute Ranch!

There is a bit of an explorer in each of us, but sometimes that explorer needs the comfort of home more than others. These types of explorers are looking for a shared ranch to enjoy the wide open spaces, while having the luxury of fine sporting, shared maintenance, or chef-prepared meals.

For your convenience, we review these top types of shared ranches for sale in the following video:

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