Top 5 Things to Know About Southeastern Wyoming Ranches

Southeastern Wyoming ranches may not be as famous as its glitzy counterparts to the north and west in the state, but to the ranchers, farmers, and sportsmen that work and live there, it’s one of the West’s best kept secrets. This quarter of Wyoming spans 15,525  square miles and consists of five counties: Albany, Platte, Goshen, Laramie, and Converse.

We sat down with our local ranch broker in the area, Jared Souza, to answer the question, why should you buy a ranch in this corner of Wyoming? As an avid hunter, outfitter, and former ranch manager, he offers the top 5 reasons why you should consider this sometimes overlooked area. 

#1: Land Diversity of SE Wyoming Ranches

Southeast Wyoming has everything an outdoorsman or agricultural operation needs or wants. Within this corridor, you have massive mountain ranges, large reservoirs, and big agriculture, all in close proximity to each other. 

Home to the Laramie Mountain Range, Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, the North Platte River, and several reservoirs including Glendo and Guernsey Reservoirs, SE Wyoming is a thriving mecca for big game and waterfowl hunters, fishermen, skiers and mountain bikers. This is balanced with more cultivated land than any other area of the state.  

SE Wyoming ranches are diverse

#2: Agriculture is Robust

Of Wyoming’s 2.4 million acres of cropland and 1.3 million cattle and calves, southeastern Wyoming makes up the largest portion of those commodities. For stocker-feeders or the year-round cow-calf producers, it offers access to several cattle markets, feedlots, feed, and water coming off the North Platte; everything you need to run a successful agriculture operations is in close proximity. It’s also home to some of the largest privately owned irrigation districts in the country, including the nation’s largest in Goshen County.

Described as a banana belt, the area has mild winters and a reasonable growing season. Hay, alfalfa, corn, sugar beets, and barley are popular crops here, mainly because these crops are in demand with the nearby markets and are in close proximity to feedlots, dairies, and the general population. 

Thanks to this ideal climate, optimal access, and mecca of ranchers, the southeast corner of the state is set up better than many areas of Wyoming and Nebraska, which many consider prime cattle and crop country.

#3: Access to Wyoming Land for Sale

With easy access to US Interstate 25, less than three hours from Denver, and bordering key markets in Colorado and Nebraska, southeastern Wyoming is convenient. Crops and livestock do not have to travel far. In fact, the barley grown is sent directly south to Budwieser and Coors in Colorado, and the area can compete with producers in Nebraska with ease. It’s also convenient to reach the conveniences of larger cities, such as Cheyenne, Wyoming or Fort Collins, Colorado.

#4: A Sporting Haven

Total sporting opportunities are better in southeastern Wyoming than any other part of the state. Waterfowl hunting is popular along the North Platte, while big game trophy hunting is incredible for units in the Laramie Region. 

There are multiple fishing opportunities for smallmouth and walleye in the large reservoirs, and trout in mountain rivers and streams. 

Over the last decade, mountain biking has risen in popularity in Wyoming, similar to Colorado. The state has built around 500 miles of single track in the last five years in this neck of the woods, and Wyoming is becoming a destination hotspot for this kind of recreation. 

Wyoming ranches have plenty of wildlife

#5: Value

A buyer can find more diversity of properties in southeastern Wyoming for the dollar than you can in most of the US. There is value to be found as the price per acre is well below the national average, especially when you consider the quality of the land. 

While it doesn’t have the recognition of a Yellowstone or Jackson, this special section of Wyoming offers more diversity of land, access, and value than any other part of the state. The agricultural community and economy is thriving here, and the area has some of the best hunting and fishing in the US.

Here’s a quick recap of why you should take a look at southeastern Wyoming ranches in your property search.

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