Southern Colorado Elk Hunting Season

Colorado Elk Hunting
Bull elk protecting his harem in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

The fall Colorado elk hunting season is in full swing and many of our brokers have already harvested impressive numbers of elk, mule deer, and bear this season on public lands and hunting ranches.

Southern Colorado offers some of the best elk hunting in the state; the region in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains consistently produces 340”+ bull elk due to its superior genetics, abundance of private lands, and like-minded management practices amongst those deeded acres. Timely rains throughout the spring and summer resulted in some great antler growth and some pretty impressive bucks and bulls.

Mirr Ranch Group broker Trey Milhoan has had a successful few weeks guiding in the region.

Over the course of the last month, Trey and his clients harvested sizeable elk, mule deer, and bear including:

  • Three bulls ranging from 310, 330, and one high country bull that grossed an impressive 350”
  • A mature 3 x 3 management mule deer buck 
  • And a couple of great male black bears

All across Colorado, Colorado hunting outfitters and their clients from far and wide will pour into public and private lands to experience the magic of the rocky mountain elk rut. The state’s private lands not only offer exclusive hunting experiences for outdoorsmen and women, they also supplement a large portion of the wildlife that migrates onto public lands. These wildlife owned by the state, and supported by private land management have the capacity to reach maturity and meet their full genetic potential. 

Larger tracts of private land that qualify for the states Ranching for WIldlife program, offer Colorado residents a unique opportunity to hunt on private land normally closed to the public, free of charge. Those not wanting to wait out the lengthy years it takes to draw these coveted elk hunting tags have the option to purchase hunts directly through the ranches, and experience some of the best elk and deer hunting in the west. 

With minimal hunting pressure on these large ranches, elk are allowed to act like elk and often reach ages of 9+ years of age. In addition to the proper habitat and time required to grow big bucks and bulls, predator management is a necessary process implemented by most ranches to maintain elk and deer numbers. Understand the predation effects on the landscape determine what practices are required to ensure that elk and deer numbers continue to flourish. 

Colorado Elk Hunting
Colorado bulls preparing for the rut.

Colorado Elk Hunting

Having programs like RFW empowers Colorado landowners to take part in conservation efforts and improve upon the resource we were all entrusted to manage and take care of. 

For more photos and videos of the rut, check out this video:

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