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LAY OF THE LAND | May 2022

We understand it’s hard to keep up with everything one needs to read. That’s why at Mirr Ranch Group we use alternative platforms to share the latest about the market and new developments in the West.

In recent months, for example, we’ve presented five live-streamed events that could be viewed on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. And here’s the best part: If you missed them live, you can still watch them (or listen at home or in the car) on your schedule.

Ken Mirr

And More Live Events to Come

And there’s more to come: On May 17, we’ll explore the often confusing issues that surround stream access in the West. MRG broker Daniel Carter, a longtime fishing guide, will provide context to help explain why landowners are shooting at fishermen in Colorado and the court ruling in New Mexico that rewarded a victory to kayaking and fishing groups.

Until then, the following are the previous conversations that Haley and I have hosted on water, conservation updates, spring planning for hunting, and ranches as an investment.

Erik Glenn discussing conservation easements with Mirr Ranch Group.

The Latest: Conservation Updates for Colorado Ranchers & Landowners

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) has partnered with hundreds of families since 1995 to conserve more than 700,000 acres of Colorado ranch land. So we invited Erik Glen, the Executive Director of CCALT, to help explain the latest developments, including the recent conservation easement boom in Colorado. Watch

Water in the West

Tommy Latousek has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate, conservation, and western natural resources sectors. On this episode, he helped us evaluate the importance of water, from its impact on valuations to better management of water on ranches. We also discussed the history of western water rights and anti-speculation legislation. Watch

Ranches as an Investment

Long-time MRG ranch broker and finance expert, Jeff Hubbard, has brokered over $500 million in ranch real estate since joining us in 2005. Who better to explain the ins and outs of ranches as an investment – how to evaluate a property, strategically approach a sale, and what buyers of legacy and sporting ranches should consider. Watch

Hunting – Spring Planning & Trends

When they aren’t selling ranches, Pat Lancaster and Jared Souza each run successful outfitting businesses. This time of year, their phones are ringing off the hook with questions about the season ahead. Haley and I spoke with them about different state laws, species trends, tag allocations, increasing applications, and more. Watch

2022 Ranch Real Estate Market

Haley and I discussed the current ranch real estate market, inflation, and investment potential. Then we offered some advice for buyers and sellers. Watch. Want more? Read our Spring Ranch Market Report.

What else?

WATER WOES: Recent late-season snowstorms in Colorado’s high country are helpful, but water remains scarcer than we’d like in the West. California officials just declared emergency water measures amidst its continuing drought. Find out what that means for an estimated 6 million people. More

EASING OFF EASEMENTS: Conservation easements are booming in Colorado (Read more). In Nebraska, however, the tide appears to be turning in the other direction. Proposed legislation, supported by Gov. Pete Ricketts, would limit a CE to no more than 99 years and give local elected officials greater authority to approve or deny them. More.

SOIL SCIENCE: University of Wyoming researchers are conducting a study to better understand what soil and vegetation properties affect nitrogen levels.

THE BIRDS  AND THE BEEF: Learn more about a “bird-friendly beef” designation from the National Audubon Society for cattle ranchers that enables them to sell their product at a higher price while also creating vital habitats for birds.

Lay of the Land is a monthly column by Ken Mirr, the Founder and Managing Broker of Mirr Ranch Group, that highlights news of the West impacting the ranch lifestyle. Have a question about the West? Email him at

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