Top 5 Most Popular Land Bulletin Podcast Episodes of 2022

As we look back on 2022, we are proud of the successful launch of the inaugural season of the Land Bulletin Podcast. Every week, ranch broker Haley Mirr hosts our experts and guests to explore issues like the ranch and sporting property market, buying and selling advice, the latest best stewardship practices, as well as current events and news impacting landowners and ranchers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first season. If you’re new to the podcast or have some time to catch up on some information-packed episodes, here are the top 5 most listened-to Land Bulletin Podcast episodes this past year.

Fresh Approaches to Monetizing Your Ranch

with Eric O’Keefe, Editor of The Land Report

Haley and Ken host Eric O’Keefe, Editor of The Land Report, to explore the different monetization strategies of the nation’s leading landowners. Beyond the typical ways ranches generate income, the group will discuss a new wave of entrepreneurial ingenuity they are seeing in the field.

The Fly-Fishing Property Market 

with Daniel Carter, Ranch Broker

Ranch broker and fly-fishing property expert, Daniel Carter, visits the show to discuss the fly-fishing property market with Ken and Haley. In addition to a market update on this specific type of ranch, we’ll cover topics affecting these properties like stream access, how fisheries impact values, drought/low-flows, stream restoration projects, stocking versus wild fisheries, and more.

We actually had a tie for the #3 spot!

Preparing to Sell Your Land

Haley has Ken Mirr on the show to discuss the steps you need to take before putting your ranch or sporting property on the market. Being prepared will help your property sell that much faster.

The Myths Surrounding Conservation Easements

This past year, an opinion piece in the Colorado Sun discussed misinformation surrounding conservation and conservation easements and laid out the facts behind such initiatives. On the podcast, Ken Mirr will join Haley to address these myths and talk about what is actually happening on the ground.

How Do We Value Water?

Over the summer, Ken Mirr and Haley attended the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Conference at Colorado State University. On the show, we’ll review what they learned regarding water valuations of Western ranches, where to find pertinent information about your water, and what to look at when getting to know a property with water.

Ranches as an Investment

with Jeff Hubbard, Ranch Broker

In our most listened-to episode of the year, Jeff Hubbard visits the show to discuss everything about ranches as an investment – from how we evaluate a property, to strategically approaching the sale, to what buyers of legacy and sporting ranches should consider in this market.

And that’s a wrap! The Land Bulletin Podcast is available wherever you listen to your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Stay tuned for when we return for our second season on January 11, 2023.

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