Mirr Ranch Group, Ken Mirr in the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal | Mirr Ranch Group | Mantle RanchKen Mirr was quoted in the Wall Street Journal this week in regards to Mirr Ranch Group’s efforts in finding a conservation buyer for the Mantle Ranch, an in-holding in Dinosaur National Monument. Right now federal land managers are concerned that in-holdings for sale in the United States national parks system will be sold to developers or other parties who may destroy the landscape. These managers are trying to step up efforts to acquire this private land, but public funding has decreased for this initiative.

Mirr Ranch Group has experience in real estate transactions dealing with such in-holdings and ranches adjoining national parks. The firm is currently listing the aforementioned Mantle Ranch; the Sandy Ranch, a cattle ranch adjoining Capital Reef National Park; and Trees Ranch, a recreational property surrounded by Zion National Park and other public lands.

According to ranch broker and owner Ken Mirr, “At Mirr Ranch Group, we pride ourselves in our experience and know-how in working with different federal, state and local governments, as well as conservation groups to find good stewards for our listings and surrounding landscapes, however, ultimately our primary fiduciary obligation is to our clients and meeting their goals and objectives.”

The Mantle Ranch is private land the federal land managers would like to acquire for the park for fear developers may purchase the property. As the article notes, Mirr Ranch Group is currently talking with The Trust for Public Land and exploring the possibility of the conservation organization purchasing the property on behalf of the monument.

Ken adds, “With regard to the Mantle Ranch, we have a number of different buyers and groups interested in the land and all of whom, in our minds, would be good stewards for generations to come.”

Read the entire article at the Wall Street Journal website.

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