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Estancia de Lago Verde

Lago Verde, Chile(Aysén Region)
5,930 +/- Deeded Acres

Offering 10 miles of river and 2 miles of lake frontage, with unencumbered views of Queulat National Park across the adjacent 5,466 acre glacial-fed Lago Verde.

A Valuable & Unique Property in the Heart of Chile that Combines Essential Amenities with the Pioneering Spirit of Owning a Remote Piece of Property in Patagonia
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  • Nearly 2 miles of lake frontage along Lago Verde with views of Queulat National Park
  • A runway only 2 km from the property
  • Nearest town only 3.5 km away with all the necessary amenities
  • Only 65 km away from La Junta, La Junta Airport and the Austral highway
  • Fly fishing at the glacial-fed Lago Verde and over 10 miles of streams and rivers including the Figueroa River and the Rio Pico River
  • Accessible year-round and on the grid with an existing home
  • Space to run a 750+ head operation and 400 hectares of grass/hay
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Estancia de Lago Verde is a valuable and unique property in the heart of Chile that combines essential amenities with the pioneering spirit of owning a remote piece of property in Patagonia. Unlike most properties in Patagonia, Estancia de Lago Verde is easily accessible, on the grid, and has an existing home on the property. Owners can access the property via car, plane, or helicopter with a year-round road that leads right to the property and a landing strip only minutes from your doorstep. The property is home to over 10 miles of streams and rivers with unencumbered views of Queulat National Park across the adjacent 5,466 acre glacial-fed Lago Verde. The property offers recreation, agriculture, timberland, and seclusion to those who have always wanted to own property in Patagonia without losing the amenities of a nearby town, access, and electricity. Estancia de Lago Verde is a rare opportunity to own your pieces of the Patagonia wilderness and the comforts of home.

Lay of the Land
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With a mixture of timberland, hayfields, hills, two miles of lake frontage, over ten miles of river, and prime grasslands for cattle, there are two main parcels to the property. The western piece is home to the main residence river and lake frontage, while the eastern piece that adjoins the Argentine border is where the majority of the cattle operation takes place. From the shoreline, you will only see small traces of civilization around the glacial-fed lake as there are only a few private landowners on the Lago Verde.

Sitting on the eastern banks of Lago Verde, the ranch overlooks Queulat National Park on the opposite bank. In addition to the Queulat National Park, owners of Estancia de Lago Verde can easily access: Chaiten, Futaleufu, Piti Palena Fjord, Pumalin Park, Puyuhuapi, General Carrera Lake, Jeinimeni National Reserve, Patagonia Park, Caleta Tortel, and Chile Chico.


The town of Lago Verde is situated in the heartland of Patagonia just an hour away from La Junta along the Argentine border. Owners can travel to the property via plane from either the Puerto Montt airport or Balmaceda airport, both of which accept commercial flights from Santiago. In addition to a year-round accessible road that goes straight to the property, there is also a runway next door.

Coming from La Junta, you will follow the main highway along the Figuero RIver through dense forests with views of Queulat National Park to your right. As you approach the property, your views open up to the glacial-fed Lago Verde and Nevado Quealat. Before you reach town, you will cross the Figueroa River and Rio Pico and turn into the Estancia de Lago Verde directly off the highway. The previous owners have created roads from the main access point to the main residence. When you arrive at the home you are met with unobstructed views of the National Park, a private beach, and surrounding native forest.


The property is only 3.5 km from the town of Lago Verde, a town built on gaucho culture with all the necessary amenities one may need including restaurants, breweries, grocery, and gas stations. Make sure you attend the annual rodeo!


The owners of Lago Verde built their custom home on the property only a few years ago. The 3 bedroom and 3 bath home has running water, runs on the grid, has a living and dining area, and an adjoining quincho and helicopter landing pad. The owners have created a network of trails around the residence and throughout the property so that one can access all parts of the property via ATV or horseback.


The majority of the rain falls during the winter months in this area of the country, with the average rainfall coming in at 15 inches a year and average temperature coming in at 57 degrees.

Sporting Features
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This area of Patagonia is known for its fly-fishing. In addition to the regionally celebrated fly-fishing, the Rio Pico and Figueroa Rivers offer some of the best fly-fishing in Chile. Avid fly fishers can take drift boats down the rivers to fish Chinook, Salmon, Brown, or Rainbow, or take fishing boats out onto Lago Verde.

Other Water Recreation

The rivers that run through the property also lend themselves to ample rafting and kayaking opportunities along miles of white water. The adjoining 5,700-acre lake also permits motor boats for water skiing enthusiasts!

Queulat National Park

In addition to the on-site recreation, owners at Estancia de Lago Verde have over 339,000 acres of hikes available to them at the neighboring National Park.

Ranch Attributes
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The current owners of Estancia de Lago Verde run a productive cattle operation on the property. Last year, they ran a 900 head cow/calf operation and auctioned locally in La Junta or Coyhaique, or sold to friends in the North area with easy transport logistics either by truck and/or ferry. In addition to the cow/calf operation, the property grows an additional 60 to 80 hectares of hay a year. The property also offers a perfect location for Morcells, cherries, rose hips, and Zinfandels.

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Haley's Thoughts on Estancia de Lago Verde

We have listed a few properties over the years in Patagonia. What sets Estancia de Lago Verde apart from the rest is the accessibility and nearby amenities. As with all Patagonia properties, you will still get the views, the seclusion, the overall beauty, but now you can get off the plane and your home will already have the lights on.

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