Estancia Poncho Moro is a very attractive Argentine style legacy ranch that is considered to be its own private nature preserve. With a very diverse and tranquil landscape, custom improvements, and world-class recreation and fly-fishing opportunities, this property is of unmatched value right in the heart of Patagonia.

Lying in the center of the Corcovado River valley, Estancia Poncho Moro sits at the base of the giant Andes Mountains, looking up at their dramatic peaks.  The ranch was given the name “Poncho Moro” because from the property you can often see a cloud sitting over the top of the western mountain, hanging like a “grey hood” over the top of the peak thousands of feet above. The Estancia is expansive with more than 24,000 acres running north to south and encompasses the entire valley floor. Ownership of this valley is very exclusive, but also well located in proximity to larger towns, amenities, and a commercial jet airport.

The Corcovado River meanders through the entire length of the property with over 8 kilometers of private water providing an unparalleled fly-fishing setting. The river can be both waded or fished from a raft, and it is reveled as one of the most scenic and prolific trout streams in the region. Recreationists will also enjoy more than 50 miles of trails for hiking, biking, ATV’ing, or horseback riding. The Estancia also boasts impressive horse stables to support the equestrian enthusiast.


Estancia Poncho Moro features extensive handcrafted lodging and operating facilities. Buildings are thoughtfully situated with views of the mountains and close to the river for the ease of access and relaxing soundscape. Several ponds and livewater features have been developed throughout the headquarters and connect the various improvements.

Poncho Moro has been operated as a private retreat for many years while also supporting a small commercial fishing lodge operation, bringing a significant income-producing element to the property. Furthermore, the ranch serves as fertile grazing ground for cattle and hundreds of acres have been planted in timber production, adding to the viable operational value of the property.

Estancia Poncho Moro

22,976 +/- deeded acres
Chubut Province, Corcovado

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