• Prices starting at $420,000
  • Choose from 25 unique homesteads to build your dream retreat
  • 8,000 acres of pristine forests, lakes & rivers protected by a conservation easement
  • World-class fly fishing on the Tigre and Azul Rivers
  • Horseback riding, kayaking, trekking, and mountain-biking

Valle California is a one-of-a-kind conservation project. As Chile’s first private reserve to be fully protected by a conservation easement, the project offers a maximum of 25 families the chance to share ownership of the reserve. The reserve is a total of 8,000 acres with 92% maintained solely as conservation land and the remaining 8% designated for the construction of private residences by owners of the reserve. Each landowner gains access to the reserve’s conservation land for recreational purposes, including 25 kilometers of river and an extensive trail network on the property, while also owning their own exclusive homestead in which they can build a one of a kind low-impact residence. Enjoy guided fishing, mountain biking, and horseback excursions followed by a relaxing afternoon in your own home filled with all the necessary amenities. Over 40% of the parcels and 50% of the total land reserved for construction has already been sold. Valle California is a one of a kind opportunity to be a part of a historic conservation effort while also enjoying the seclusion of a private wilderness retreat in the heart of Patagonia.


  • Proximity to numerous National Reserves and Parks
  • Miles of hiking and horseback riding trails
  • Communal quincho, luxury yurts, and picnic spaces for all landowners
  • Price includes infrastructure (electricity, water, and roads built to each homesite)


The 25 homesteads in Valle California are distributed among six Limited Development Areas (“LDAs”). Each owner of a homestead within Valle California is permitted to build a residence, guest-house and ancillary structures on their property. It is Patagonia Sur’s mission to have as little of an impact as possible. As a result, all new buildings within Valle California must be designed to complement and integrate into the unique landscape of Chilean Patagonia. These structures should incorporate sustainable design concepts by using low-impact technology and resources. The maximum allotted size per residence is 5,000 square feet, 1,400 square feet per guesthouse, and a cumulative maximum of 1,400 square feet of ancillary structures per parcel. Ninety-two percent of Valle California is designated as conservation land, with the remaining eight percent designated as homesteads.


Valle California is located three hours by car from Esquel, Argentina and three and a half hours by car from the town of Chaitén, Chile. The southern border abuts state land that then connects directly to the 189 square mile Lago Palena National Reserve. The property is at the confluence of the Azul and Tigre rivers and its eastern border corresponds to the bank of the Tigre River. If you take a horseback ride to the Tigre Alto homestead you you will reach the Argentine border.



There are multiple ways to get to Valle California by plane. Regardless of which option you choose, a member of Patagonia Sur will pick you and your guests up from the airport and drive you directly to the property.

  • Commercial flights to Esquel, Argentina (3 hours from Valle California)
  • Charter flights are available to Palena, Chile (20 minutes from Valle California)


The property has electricity and running water from several natural springs. There is a public road that runs from the nearby town of Palena to Valle California that is fully accessible year-round. After buying your homestead, Patagonia Sur will build roads, water, and electricity to your home.

Patagonia Sur maintains a network of roads and trails within the borders. There is an existing administration house, 6 luxury yurts, a quincho (common lodge),hot-tub, stable, wooden walkways, and livestock fences.


Valle California includes habitats and wildlife corridors for a number of different species endemic to the area including the South American Grey Fox, pumas, condors, and the Magellanic Woodpecker. These habitats combine a mixture of rivers, pristine alpine lakes, native forests, and pampa. The forests within Valle California include over four species of trees including lenga and coigue común.

The nearby reserves also add to the population of different flora and fauna. Palena, Chile is in the heart of Patagonia. The most remarkable excursions in the Los Lagos Region are easily accessible from town. Nearby attractions include the Lago Palena National Reserve, the Futaleufú National Reserve, Corcovado National Park, Lago Rosselot National Reserve, and Queulat National Park home of the incredible hanging glacier.

Visit the many protected areas nearby or spend your time within your own private 8,000-acre reserve.


  • Microclimate with mild and warm weather from December – April
  • Summer: High = Low 80, Low = High 40s
  • Winter: High = Low 40s, Low = High 20s


The Azul and Tigre rivers are both known for great fly-fishing. All-together, Valle California offers over 13 miles of river. The best area for fly fishing on Valle California is at the confluence of the two rivers. Catch and release is the only form of fishing permitted within the reserve.


Between April and December, the Tigre River is at the perfect height for rafting. The nearby Futaleufú River is known for its Class IV and V rapids.


Valle California is a dream recreational retreat. Patagonia Sur has guides on the property  that are prepared to lead you through the Patagonia wilderness on mountain bikes, horseback, kayaks, or rafts on the Palena River.

There is an incredible trail system within the property that was built and maintained by local gauchos. This network of trails reaches every part of the reserve and each one leads to stunning views of the property. Trekking is also available in the nearby reserves, including a stunning hike to a glacier in the Lago Palena National Reserve south of Valle California.

The best way to explore the reserve in its entirety is by horseback. Patagonia Sur offers short and multi-day rides to guests and the Lago Palena National Reserve is only a day’s ride from Valle California. Mountain biking, camping, bird watching, and a hot tub are also available. Residents of the reserve also have access to Patagonia Sur’s recreational equipment: kayaks, fly-fishing gear, mountain-bikes, horses, and horseback riding equipment.

Ranch Operations

Currently, Patagonia Sur keeps approximately 60 sheep within the reserve used for wool production. These animals can only graze within designated pastures in Valle California. They are not allowed on any of the homesteads throughout the property. Patagonia Sur not only tries to preserve the natural ecosystems of the area but also the gaucho culture that has coexisted for years. By upholding this culture they are promoting sustainable land use and low-impact living. Patagonia Sur has a number of horses that can be used by property owners and visitors to Valle California.

Conservation Value

Patagonia Sur’s mission is to preserve the wilderness and ecosystems within the property while also maintaining a connection to the local culture. Valle California is a breeding ground for both. The land is used sustainably for resident operations but the majority is preserved in perpetuity for conservation purposes. Patagonia Sur has made it one their missions to support the local economy. All of the meals created in the quincho are made from vegetable, fruits, and meats procured by local vendors and when you arrive for your stay you are given slippers made in Futaleufu.

Valle California is Chile’s first private reserve to be permanently protected by a conservation easement supervised by the Tierra Austral Land Trust, a specialist in conservation. Owners can rest assured that the beauty and value of this unique ecosystem will exist for generations to come.

La Estrella

Riverside homesteads: Immersed in towering stands of native forest and home to numerous fauna including the Magallanic Woodpecker. There are multiple homesites with river views and some in forest clearings. The trail network is nearby and easily accessible.

Ranch homesteads: These homesteads include a mixture of native forest and open meadows. Each shares a border with the pampas and is close to existing infrastructure on the property. There are homesites with incredible views of the mountains and pampas.


  • River, pampa, & mountain views
  • Riverfront access to prime fishing locations
  • Large expanses of native forests
  • Proximity to existing yurts and clubhouse (“quincho”)

Las Lagunas

The two homesteads in Las Lagunas are completely private and surrounded by small ponds that are frequented by migrating birds. Las Lagunas has direct access to the public road and serves as an entrance to some of the least explored wonders of the reserve. Some of the home sites sit atop hills with incredible views down the valley.


  • Combination of solitude and easy access to public roads
  • Expansive views
  • Bird-watching habitat

El Tigre Alto

The four homesteads within El Tigre Alto are characterized by their privileged location alongside the Tigre River and a distinctive “Gaucho” feel. Each homestead includes a mixture of native forest, pampa, and clearings. The landscape of these homesteads would permit a small number of sheep or horses for personal use. El Tigre is in close proximity to existing infrastructure and electrical lines.


  • Access to El Tigre River
  • Proximity to existing infrastructure
  • Open landscapes with expansive views of pampas and mountains

El Morro

The three homesteads within El Morro have some of the greatest views of the reserve towards the Tigre River. Their close proximity to El Morro Hill, arguably the reserve’s best viewpoint, make them extremely valuable. The landscape of El Morro is a characterized by a mixture of native forest, riverfront, and large clearings for home sites. The forests on these parcels are home to numerous flora and fauna.


  • Access to greatest views of the valley
  • Proximity to Tigre River
  • Riverside trail that connects El Morro to the hot-tub, clubhouse and six luxury yurts

** Please contact Mirr Ranch Group concerning questions of availability.

La Confluencia

SOLD: This homestead is nestled in an open valley and known for its proximity to the confluence of the Tigre and Azul Rivers. It is also known for its incredible fishing opportunities.


  • Access to some of the greatest fishing on the property
  • Proximity to the confluence of Tigre and Azul Rivers

** Please contact Mirr Ranch Group concerning questions of availability

Valle California

8,000 +/- acres
Los Lagos Region, Palena

Starting at $420,000

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