Ten Key Facts About Agriculture in Nebraska

  • Corn and Soybean Dominance:
    • Nebraska is a major player in Corn and Soybean production, contributing significantly to the nation’s output of these essential crops. Corn is used in a large variety of ways such as livestock feed, ethanol production, and industrial purposes, while soybeans are crucial for animal feed and oil production.
  • Cattle Capital:
    • Renowned for its expansive grasslands, Nebraska ranks high in cattle ranching and beef production. The state consistently has one of the largest cattle populations in the United States.
  • Irrigation Infrastructure:
    • Given variable rainfall patterns, Nebraska relies on extensive irrigation systems, including center-pivot irrigation. This infrastructure helps ensure consistent water availability for crops, especially in regions with less precipitation.
  • Diverse Agricultural Products:
    • In addition to corn, soybeans, and cattle, Nebraska produces a diverse range of agricultural products. This includes wheat, sorghum, alfalfa, hay, sugar beets, and various fruits and vegetables, contributing to the state’s agricultural diversity.
  • Leading in Hogs and Poultry:
    • Nebraska is a significant producer of hogs and poultry, contributing to the state’s overall livestock production. The pork and poultry industries are important components of Nebraska’s agricultural economy.
  • Agricultural Innovation:
    • The state is home to research institutions and agricultural extension services that focus on innovative farming practices. Ongoing research aims to enhance crop yields, improve sustainability, and address challenges faced by the agricultural community.
  • Organic Farming Growth:
    • Organic farming has been on the rise in Nebraska as farmers explore sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. The state supports initiatives promoting organic farming methods.
  • Farm Size and Structure:
    • Nebraska has a mix of large-scale commercial farms and smaller family-owned operations. The diversity in farm sizes contributes to the resilience and adaptability of the state’s agricultural sector.
  • Agribusiness and Processing:
    • Agribusiness plays a vital role in Nebraska’s economy, encompassing food processing, equipment manufacturing, and related industries. The state has a strong agribusiness sector that adds value to raw agricultural products.
  • Global Trade Impact:
    • Nebraska’s agricultural products are not only consumed domestically but also play a role in global trade. The state exports agricultural goods to international markets, contributing to the global food supply chain.

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