The Unparalleled Elk Hunting Experience at Elk Creek Ranch

Elk Creek Ranch has long been celebrated as one of the premier shared fly fishing ranches in the Rocky Mountain West for the diversity and scale of water that the ranch controls. However, the ranch’s reputation for exceptional elk hunting is equally deserving of praise.

The Hunting Opportunities at Elk Creek Ranch

In the fall, the ranch’s focus shifts toward the hunting season when members/owners enjoy private hunting on over 20,000 acres of access, accompanied by the ranch’s world-class guides. With the recent acquisition of 12,000 acres on the Dry Creek and Pollard Units of the renowned 7 Lakes Ranch, Elk Creek Ranch has nearly doubled its huntable land, creating an unparalleled resource for hunters of all levels and increasing the owned acreage of the ranch to more than 15,000 acres.

The Dry Creek and Pollard Units offer some of the finest elk habitat in the state, with timbered draws, aspen groves, oakbrush, and abundant water sources providing an ideal environment for elk to thrive. This diverse landscape significantly contributes to the scale of the hunting program at Elk Creek Ranch and has solidified Elk Creek Ranch as one of the premier hunting ranches in the US. Owners are privileged to experience the largest resident elk herd in North America as they make their way off the Flat Tops wilderness during the fall season.

With extensive hunting access on the Dry Creek and Pollard units, main Elk Creek Ranch, and additional access to the K/K Ranch, Meeker Ranching Company, and Lunney Mountain Ranches, members have the unique opportunity to experience a variety of huntable terrain. Elk Creek Ranch takes pride in catering to hunters of all skill levels and preferred hunting methods, from experienced archery hunters to beginner rifle hunters. The ranch’s experienced guides have outfitted in the White River Valley for over 20 years are on hand to ensure a safe and enjoyable hunt for all members. 

The expert coordination with the ranch of hunting permits with the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Department ensures a smooth and efficient process. Owners can focus on the excitement of the hunt, knowing that all necessary licenses and paperwork are meticulously handled by the ranch’s knowledgeable staff.

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