Top 5 Most Popular Land Bulletin Podcast Episodes of 2023

The Land Bulletin Podcast has been proud to bring you their second season of episodes in 2023. In the last year, ranch broker Haley Mirr hosted our experts and guests that explore issues concerning the ranch and sporting property market, buying and selling advice, the latest best stewardship practices, as well as current events and news impacting landowners and ranchers.

If you’re new to the podcast or have some time to catch up on some information-packed episodes, here are the top 5 most listened-to Land Bulletin Podcast episodes this past year.

How Do we know what a ranch is worth?

with Ken Mirr, Founder of Mirr Ranch Group

A frequent question that we have with both buyers and sellers is how we determine a listing price for a ranch property. In this episode Haley sat down with Ken to walk the listener through the complicated process, of how we, as ranch brokers evaluate a ranch property.

Why is the San Luis Valley Important to Colorado & the West?

with Rio de la Vista, Conservation and Water Expert

As a 8,000 plus square mile, mountain valley, the San Luis Valley is one of the primary sources for producing ranch lands, and water in Southern Colorado, and Northern New Mexico. Haley was able to sit down with Rio del la Vista, a conservation and water expert specializing in the valley to dive deeper into why this area is so important to the West.

We actually had a tie for the #3 spot!

Investment Opportunities in “The Cowboy State”

with Jared Souza, and Erik Anderson, Brokers of Mirr Ranch Group

Haley is joined by two of our Wyoming specialists, Jared Souza, and newest acquisition to Mirr Ranch Group, Erik Anderson to speak about why Wyoming is such an integral part to the Intermountain West.

Profitability Of Smaller Ranches: Unlocking Income Potential for Landowners

with Connor Coleman, of Resiliency Lands

In the past, the podcast has focused on how can larger ranches continue to generate income from their investments. In this episode Haley invited Connor Coleman, of Resiliency Lands- a private land management consulting firm that advices conservation-minded landowners to operate efficiently, diversify their revenue streams, and create resiliency, to discuss ways that smaller boutique ranches can do the same.

Renewable Energy as a Layered Asset Strategy

with Judd Rodgers and Anna Buongirono, of Scout Clean Energy

In continuing our conversations about a ranch owner using their properties as income generators, Haley brought on Judd Rodgers and Anna Buongirono, of Scout Clean Energy, to discuss how using wind and solar projects could be the perfect opportunity for many landowners.

The Land Bulletin Podcast is available wherever you listen to your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Stay tuned for Season 3, that begins on January 4th!

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