Ranches for sale, even in the winter

Even in the winter, Mirr Ranch Group is adding new ranches for sale. This month, Landthink.com offered the following reasons to look at ranches for sale in the winter months:

  1. The leaves are off the trees and the crops are harvested so the visibility is great. The snow enhances this visibility as the trees, springs, rock outcroppings and other features are in sharp contrast.
  2. The snow isn’t as deep as you may think… Walking is quite comfortable and because of the added visibility you have to walk much less to get a good feel for a property.
  3. You won’t get cold. A couple warm layers will keep you comfortable in all but the coldest weather and in my opinion it’s better than 80 degrees and humid!
  4. No bugs and poison ivy.
  5. There’s less competition for properties in the winter as there are fewer buyers on the hunt. In some cases, this can mean better deals.
  6. For hunters this is a great time of year to check for wildlife sign and make note of where they’re traveling in case you purchase the property. By noting when the last snow fall was, the number of tracks can tell a story on animal density.
  7. And finally, getting out into nature on a winter day is a great cure for cabin fever and will leave you feeling refreshed and exhilarated.

Ranches for SaleIn addition, we recommend looking at ranches for sale in the winter because it will give you a better idea about any access issues and if you can live with the weather and amount of snow. Keep in mind that it will sometimes take additional time to schedule a showing in the winter as private roads may need to be plowed, and snowmobiles or snow cats may need to be arranged to access all points on the property.

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