• Located within 3 hrs from Denver, CO.
  • 1 ¼ mile of North Platte River
  • Water for irrigation available year-round provided by a very good producing well with senior water rights
  • Incredibly well kept property with excellent production
  • Excellent hunting includes waterfowl, whitetail, and mule deer

Located along the southern bank of the North Platte River, 20 miles west of Torrington, Wyoming lies the Overlook Point Ranch, a 288-acre riparian sanctuary, nestled amongst mature Cottonwood lined Platte River frontage, towering chalk rock bluffs, and complemented by 72 acres of fertile Platte River Valley irrigated pivot ground.


Overlook Point Ranch enjoys a very well kept and organized property with improvements that consist of a modest 2-bedroom 975 sq. ft. rock house, a 4,300 sq. ft. metal shop, a 460 sq. ft. utility building, and a set of working corrals.


Located just a few miles off of Highway 2, under 3 hours from Denver, and only 20 miles from Torrington, this property is easily accessible year around.


Overlook Point Ranch sits at 4,104 feet along the lush North Platte River Valley.

  • Rainfall: 14 inches
  • Snowfall: 31 inches
  • 224 sunny days a year
  • Average July high: 89°


  • Overlook Point Ranch is located within the heart of the central flyway for ducks and geese, an area known for big flights of Greater Canada Geese and Mallards, especially during the late season.
  • Currently, the alfalfa hay is a valuable food source for many whitetail deer and mule deer. With excellent bedding habitat nearby on the farm, it’s the perfect combination for attracting trophy quality deer.
  • Along the banks of the North Platte River, complete with sand bars, slack water, and eddies, are prime hunting spots and popular loafing areas for migrating waterfowl.
  • The riparian areas are rich and choked with wild plum, choke cherry, cedar, and mature cottonwoods, bringing valuable bedding habitat and travel corridors to hundreds of different birds and game species.


Overlook Point Ranch is an extremely private end of the road retreat, and provides a diverse landscape for lots of big game and other wildlife. With unmatched ascetic value for the area, the river and riparian corridors provide ample recreational opportunities on the property.

Ranch Operations

The 72 acres under a Valley Center pivot historically produce exceptional dairy quality alfalfa hay with yields exceeding 5 tons an acre. Corn has been grown in the past as well, and serves as an excellent attraction to migrating waterfowl and other game in the area. The irrigation and riparian area create a unique opportunity to create a very diverse small operation of nearly any kind.

Investment Value

Overlook Point Ranch is a great turnkey getaway that is ready to enjoy the solitude and beauty that the area has to offer; the valuable water rights, river frontage, and fertile ground make it an excellent investment capable of being anything the heart desires.

Overlook Point Ranch

288 +/- deeded acres
Goshen County, Ft. Laramie


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