• 1,440 total acres consisting of 1,152 deeded acres, 160-acre State of Wyoming lease, and 128-acre BLM lease
  • 155.6 acre foot storage reservoir
  • 92.6 acres of GID water, and 745.8 acres from Russell Supply Ditch
  • 837 acres of irrigation
  • Field Wise, LLC Intelligent Farming technology utilized throughout the farm
  • Low taxes compared to some large farming operations located in Nebraska
  • Storage reservoir and Russell supply makes water readily available during crucial points throughout the growing season

Table Mountain Farm is a well kept, perfectly maintained, 1,440-total acre farm located just 2.5 miles south of Huntley, Wyoming. With excellent water rights, 798 acres are under seven 2014 model Reinke Pivots in a nicely laid out modernized farm. These water rights are available earlier in the year and last longer into the season than any other farm in the area, and there’s reservoir storage on the farm. Complete with Field Wise Intelligent Farming controls throughout the farm to control pivot function, pump operation, and water storage management, this is legitimately a large profitable farming operation in southeastern Wyoming.

The farm offers nearly 837 acres of irrigated ground in a completely contiguous parcel, with new fences complemented by the newly designed irrigation infrastructure and late model pivots. There is not a single acre on this farm where the utilization and ease of management hasn’t been considered.

The pivot irrigation and production on Table Mountain Farm are highlighted by great access minutes from the pavement and only a short 2.5 hr. drive from Denver. While being surrounded by excellent recreational opportunities and just a mile north of Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area, the property also offers great waterfowl and upland bird hunting.


Table Mountain Farm is situated in Goshen County, just 10 miles from Torrington and 1 mile south of Huntley, Wyoming within the heart of the waterfowl country in Wyoming and just west of the Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area.


  • Rainfall: 14 inches
  • Snowfall: 48 inches
  • 224 sunny days a year
  • Average Temp in July: 80°
  • Average Temp in January: 43°


Improvements on the Table Mountain Farm are functional and in good shape consisting of a 4,840 sq. ft. quonset with concrete floor, and 2,400 sq. ft. equipment shed. All of the fences on the farm are brand new, and a small pipe feedlot with concrete bunks has been rebuilt in the last year.


Hunting for big game, upland birds, and waterfowl are excellent on the farm. Horse Creek and the crop residues create an excellent attraction for all the surrounding wildlife, while the large storage reservoir would lend itself well to a big heated pit blind and an ice eater. This would surely be an excellent hunting spot for late season Mallards and Canadian geese.

Ranch Operations

Table Mountain farm is a spotless turnkey property that is ready to go to work. There truly isn’t a single piece of equipment that needs work, or a corner of the farm that needs cleaning. Providing exceptional ROI and appreciation for years to come, Table Mountain Farm is immaculate, making it the perfect farm operation to invest in. This property is one of the few farms in the valley where early free water is available, typically starting April 1st and lasting until mid September with no fees associated with any of the water on the north pivots. With this water available, it would make the perfect alfalfa farm capable of out producing many of the farms in the area because of the available water. The new pivots, new technology, and incredible water resources creates this attractive, easy to manage operation, and we are proud to represent Table Mountain Farm.


  • Alkali and saline land (2.94 ac)
  • Anselmo and Dwyer soils, 0 to 3 percent slope (7.5 ac)
  • Anselmo and Dwyer soils, 6 to 10 percent slopes (18.98 ac)
  • Anselmo and Shingle Soils, 3 to 10 percent slopes (4.63 ac)
  • Duroc loam, 0 to 1 percent slopes ( 9.83 ac)
  • Manter and Anselmo fine sand loams, 0 to 3 percent slopes (5.98 acres)
  • Manter and Anselmo fine sandy loams, 3 to 6 percent slopes (54.11 acres)
  • Manter and Anselmo fine sandy loams, 6 to 10 percent slopes ( 7.68 acres )
  • Mitchell silt Loam, 0 to 3 percent slopes (24.20 ac )
  • Mitchell silt Loam, 3 to 6 percent slopes ( 175.99 ac)
  • Mitchell silt Loam, 6 to 10 percent slopes ( 29.84 ac)
  • Mitchell- Shingel Loams, 3 to 10 percent slopes (72.63 ac)
  • Otero fine sandy loam, 0 to 3 percent slopes (171.31 ac)
  • Otero fine sandy laom, 3 to 6 percent slopes (6.45 ac)
  • Ulysses loam, 1 to 3 percent slopes (191.72 ac)
  • Valentine and Dwyer fine sands, hilly ( 6.14 ac)
  • Valentine and Dwyer fine sands, rolling (8.33 ac)

Table Mountain Farm

1,440 +/- total acres
Goshen County, Huntley


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