Colorado Land: Front Range Ranch Assemblage Opportunity

Given the expansive population growth in the Denver metro area, it has become extremely rare to find large, private, mostly undeveloped ranches for sale within a 30-minute drive of downtown.  Even in the foothill communities of Evergreen, Conifer, and Indian Hills, many of the larger ranches were subdivided and developed decades ago.  However, two of our current listings – Shadow Wild Ranch and Circle Lazy R Ranch – present a unique opportunity for a buyer to assemble and own 383 acres +/- of private, contiguous, unencumbered ranchland.

Shadow Wild and Circle Lazy R

Although the two ranches have different owners, the properties are surprisingly similar in a number of ways:Shadow-Wild-Ranch-Colorado-ranches-for-sale-4-cropped

  • First, both ranches are remarkably private, especially considering their year-round access and close proximity to city amenities.  The natural topography of each ranch provides a good mix of level, usable ground with a number of steep rock outcroppings and private forested areas.
  • Secondly, both ranches are completely unencumbered by conservation easements, yet they have been coveted by many Front Range land trusts for years.  Both ranches’ locations, wildlife populations, and development potential make them an excellent candidate for a conservation easement, which could result in significant tax credits and deductions for a future owner.
  • Third, each ranch has been family-owned for decades by individuals with strong ties to the land and a strong commitment to responsible land stewardship.  Both ranches have been meticulously cared for, with special care taken to ensure that the forests are healthy, the homes and improvements are well maintained, and any invasive weeds are eradicated.
  • Finally, the ranches share ¼ of a mile of property line (Shadow Wild’s southern boundary and Circle Lazy R’s northern boundary), which runs along a high, scenic, forested ridgeline.  From the ridge, there are views of Denver and the plains beyond.

While each ranch is extremely unique in its own right, the combination of the two ranches creates an exceptionally rare opportunity to own a large amount of acreage in an area where undivided tracts are becoming nonexistent.  For more information on each ranch, either contact me (Ed Roberson) or Jeff Hubbard.

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