Late Season Turkey Hunting on Moonshine Ranch

Written by Jeff Hubbard

Pat Lancaster and I visited Moonshine Ranch last week for a quick late season turkey hunt. Arriving after daylight, we spotted three gobblers strutting in one of the irrigated meadows from about a mile away. Using the contours of the land, we were able to sneak to within about 200 yards and set up. We watched the tom strut and gobble for about thirty minutes, but he refused to leave his hens. Patience finally paid off, as he eventually wandered over to us and we were able to get him.

I have been hunting turkeys for thirty years, and it seems I learn something new every time I go out.  A couple takeaways from this hunt:

  1. Had I been in the timber and unable to see this bird, I likely would’ve given up and moved on after 30 minutes figuring he was not interested, as he never gobbled once he started coming towards us; and
  2. This was undoubtedly the most stunning setting in which I’ve hunted turkeys. We heard turkeys gobbling all over the property, including one at 9,000+ feet in elevation. Watching this gobbler strut around in a lush hayfield against the backdrop of of Silver Mountain, Mount Mestas and Rough Mountain is an experience I’ll never forget.
​As usual we saw a ton of wildlife in only a few hours at Moonshine, including hundreds of elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer, antelope, bear, booming blue grouse, coyotes, and a bobcat. Moonshine Ranch is a four-season wonderland. Winter is for chasing cats and calling coyotes in the snow. Spring is turkey time. Summertime brings hungry trout, elk calves and wildflowers. Autumn is magic with deep blue skies, golden aspens and bugling bulls.
As ranch brokers we are fortunate enough to experience first-hand many of the West’s great ranches. This one is special. Make Moonshine your four-season paradise.

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